Steering Behaviors: Seek


In a Nutshell

Important to Understand

3D Math


A 2d plane has been superimposed on the world like tracing paper and now we have the location of home and the store on the 2D plane.


This vertical line could have been drawn anywhere on the plane if we didn’t need the hypotenuse and it was only used to represent the time .As long as it started on the same horizontal line as home and ended on the same horizontal line as store.
If this was read-only the line would be used as a measure of the change in time. But we want more from our data, we want to find how fast the car traveled in that amount of time to get to the store. Which is why we connect the vertical line to the start point and connect it’s end to the destination, which forms a triangle.
This is correct
This is correct too. As long as you maintain the integrity of the right angled triangle with the y-axis drawn vertically, the x-axis parallel horizontal. The hypotenuse becomes the line connecting the end of the time taken vertex to the store or home vertex. Resulting in a connection.

The hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle can be used in many mathematical questions. For our needs we will use it to represent velocity. This is because velocity is a mathematical idea forming an arrow that is made up of magnitude and direction, which are made up by run/rise which result in a hypotenuse via pythagorus.

Calculus, we are here

How It’s Done

The velocity vector is sliced into small components via normalizing the vector. This results in a unit vector or vector with a length of 1 or less. We take this vector and convert it to a hypotenuse, which allows us to access the x and y components which are added to the current position and used to find the final position.

Calculus and Basic Maths


Adding Forces

Giving chase

Slow your roll

Steering Force

To Be Continued…




ACCIO LUMOS. Game Developer. Computer Scientist. Fur baby Momma. Yoga Teacher. Ice Cream Connoisseur. Socks Enthusiast.

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Naleli Grace Lweendo

Naleli Grace Lweendo

ACCIO LUMOS. Game Developer. Computer Scientist. Fur baby Momma. Yoga Teacher. Ice Cream Connoisseur. Socks Enthusiast.

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